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As a leading Edmonton demolition company, Oil City Demolition is capable of handling demolition projects of different sizes which include:

● Commercial Demolition

● Residential Demolition

Having Pioneered the art of controlled demolition and deconstruction for over 40 years now, The oil city demolition company stands tall in every demolition work we've executed. We will provide you with competitive prices and package.

At Oil City Demolition, We have the expertise and resources to demolish any structure, ranging from residential apartments to a full factory. All jobs are done in time and with safety in mind. Our demolition team is backed by years of industry experience which helps us to deliver great results even in tight deadlines.

We offer a complete demolition package which begins with the assessment of the location for any potential hazards, removing every material that may be hazardous to people and our workers, the proper demolition, clearing the location and preparing the site for new structure or making it clean.

Our Process

Dangerous or hazardous materials such as petroleum contamination, asbestos minerals, and radioactive metals are unwanted during the process of demolition. The specialized team removes all such materials before the process of demolition starts.


This step includes the location of the structure or building, the distances from adjoining buildings, structures and streets, the method and detailed sequence of demolition, various precautions such as scaffolding, protective screens, and covered walkways, a method to handle the debris of the demolished building.

Safety measures

Removing of inflammable kinds of stuff that may include wood, fuel, timber and so on and storing them in a proper as well as a safe place. Briefing the workers including engineers, supervisors, equipment operators about potential dangers and the demolition process is very important. 

Methods of Demolition

Non-explosive Demolition

Various types of equipment are involved in this method and no use of explosives.

1) Sledgehammer For Small wall and single column Excavators and bulldozers

For Small constructions, soil excavation, transferring debris

2)Wrecking balls

For 6 to 7 storied buildings

3)High reach Excavators

For Tall constructions with the height up to 100 meters (approximately)

4)Explosive Demolition

As the name suggests, this method uses explosives, fixed with the key supports of the building including beams, columns and slab and when the explosives detonate, the building collapses.

5)Falling like a tree

If there is enough space available at the demolition site then it is the most common type prescribed for the demolition of buildings where the building falls sideward. Steel cables are important in this method that controls the building’s falling direction.

6)Falling into own footprint

If there is no free space at the demolition site and the protection of adjacent structures is the concern, then it is quite a useful method to demolish the building.

Oil City Demolition is proud to serve Edmonton demolition service at its very best. We offer other services which include excavations and site preparations. Check through our website for more information about the services we offer.

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