What is Edmonton Demolition

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Posted on 27th Nov 2022

What is Edmonton Demolition

What is Edmonton Demolition?

Demolition is the planned and controlled removal of any building structure, whole or in part. When an old structure's design life is over, demolition is the controlled destruction of the structure.

The following items are crucial for demolition. First comes design life, then comes controlled demolition of old buildings. The second factor is crucial when choosing demolition techniques.

These two things play a significant role in how a building is demolished. Demolition is carried out to make sure that the area surrounding the building is not harmed or impacted.

Requirement for Demolition

Deconstruction is necessary in the following circumstances:

  • When a structure is very old.
  • If there is any kind of damage to the structure.
  • If the building is going to undergo any internal modifications.
  • When the building has reached the end of its design life.
  • When an earthquake or another event has caused significant damage to the building.

Survey for Demolition

Before demolishing any building, thorough surveys and evaluations are necessary. The following is included in the building survey:

One-Story Building Survey:

  • Creating documents
  • Hazardous materials in the material survey
  • A picture of the building and the nearby structures
  • The building's height and its distance from neighbouring structures
  • Type of structure

Structural Analysis:

  • Creating documents
  • Unique architecture
  • How a structure behaves
  • System of structural support
  • Deterioration level

What Determines the Best Demolition Method?

When selecting the demolition technique, the following elements should be taken into account:

  • Demolition type: The type of the structure determines the demolition technique. Different types of structures, such as load-bearing structures, RCC-framed structures, steel structures, etc., require different demolition techniques.
  • Structure size: If the structure is small, no special demolition technique is necessary. Demolition can be done by hand. If the structure is large, a special technique is needed.
  • Duration: Consider the time available for the demolition when choosing the demolition method.
  • Location of the building
  • Company limits, noise, and dust
  • Machines on hand
  • Workplace abilities
  • Security
  • Surrounding Buildings
  • Structures' behaviour, etc.

Techniques for Demolition Edmonton

There are many techniques used in demolition, some of which are as follows:

Demolition by Hand: Another name for demolition by hand is manual demolition.

Small structures in densely populated areas are especially well-suited to this method of demolition.

Manual Buildings are demolished manually by workers.

The site is too crowded for large machinery to enter.

Use the following equipment to perform this method of demolition:

  • Hammerspicks
  • Cutting wire
  • Knives for welding
  • Hydraulic jacks that are operated by hand

With this method of demolition, the building is destroyed from top to bottom.

The wrecking ball approach

The wrecking ball method involves hanging a steel ball weighing between 0.5 and 2.0 tonnes from a crawler-mounted crane. These steel balls strike the concrete or equipment, breaking it.

This technique employs two strategies:

  • Vertical wrecking ball drop
  • The way a wrecking ball swing

An experienced operator is needed to handle the wrecking ball in this method.

Pusher Arm Technique

In this demolition technique, a device resembling a "hydraulic excavator" is lifted with a steel pusher arm and pushed from the building's exterior surface.

The machine should have a rigid base in this manner so that it can be operated from the ground. Additionally, there should be at least 6.0 metres between the building and the edge of the road.

Pressure Jetting Technique

 In this demolition technique, a high-pressure water jet (between 250 and 300 mPa) is shot onto the concrete surface. Due to abrasion, this jet damages plain concrete. The RCC is cut using an abrasive water jet. which steel or garnet fragments cut the concrete. For the destruction of nuclear power plants, this technique has been developed.

Implosion Technique

When an object collapses inwards, "Implosion" refers to a situation where the external pressure is greater than the internal pressure. For instance, if the air is forced out of a glass tube, the tube will break.

Implosion is a cutting-edge method for destroying high-rise structures. When other methods of demolition are not feasible due to site conditions, demolition is done using this method.

This approach is used when there are lots of nearby buildings. This leaves the building's footprint as it is demolished.

Benefits of the Implosion Technique

  • This method is more affordable.
  • No ground vibration takes place.
  • This process is fairly quick.
  • This technique is better suited for demolishing high-rise structures, high piers, etc.

Separating the following services should be done prior to building demolition

Disconnection of utilities is one of the safety precautions for demolition

  • Gas and Electricity Line
  • Line supplying water
  • Sewer and drainage system
  • Most services (utilities) are underground if there is an underground route. carefully inspect and isolate.

General Security

  • Putting up warning placards all around the demolition site.
  • Set up watchmen or barricades at the building's entrance.
  • During the evening, illuminate all barricades with red lights.
  • Give each employee access to safety gear and instructions on how to use it.
  • Dispense with celluloid lance Workers should wear goggles to protect their eyes from small particles, dust, concrete fragments, etc.
  • To protect workers' hands while breaking RCC elements, give them leather gloves.
  • Set up a first aid station at the demolition site.
  • Provide fire extinguisher equipment at the demolition site.

In conclusion, demolition is the planned and controlled removal of any building structure, whole or in part. When an old structure's design life is over, demolition is the controlled destruction of the structure.

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