Tips for a Successful Commercial Demolition Project

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Posted on 23rd Oct 2021

Tips for a Successful Commercial Demolition Project

If a person lived in a house for a few years, definitely, they might be looking for a project to show off their skills. If the walkways and driveways look a bit worn or a patio needs to be replaced, many people might think of doing the work by themselves as it will be a good way to save some money. It is true to the fact that removing concrete is a daunting work, and there are particular requirements for such a concrete demolition project.

Undoubtedly, some of those tools are already available in everyone's garage such as a sledgehammer, drills, and drill bits while few others are more specialized, like jackhammers and a wrecking ball. That means it is vital to learn more about the normally used items in concrete demolition and cutting before heading to the local hardware store as per your requirements.

How to Prepare for Concrete Removal

Now that you’ve decided to circumvent concrete, it’s time to get ready for the concrete demolition work. Some of the tools a person needed to buy while others are also available for rent.

Demolition devices are significant for any concrete removal project so it is recommended to lease the larger pieces of heavy equipment as doing so is considered to be cost-effective. You’ll want to ensure you know how to use such items before renting them, however, as heavy equipment can be easily used by professionals who have proper training and experience to avoid huge problems and safety risks.

Tricks for Common Concrete Demolition Methods

A concrete removal project is a huge undertaking and is particularly challenging as you’ll only do it multiple times in a lifetime. After deciding to remove concrete rather than resurfacing it, it’s beneficial to go through some tips and tricks to produce the concrete demolition process safer and easier:

Have a plan to protect yourself from flying debris

Small pieces of concrete will fly into the air if you use a sledgehammer or a jackhammer so it is essential to safeguard your eyes and skin from the debris with protective eyewear, long pants, and long sleeves.

Rent a dumpster with a gate

Tossing big pieces of concrete is going to wear you out. If the dumpster has a gate, rolling a wheelbarrow in and scraping the concrete pieces is a snap.

Use the chisel-point drill bit

If a person decided to rent a jackhammer from a heavy equipment store, it is suggested to use the chisel-point drill bit to break up the concrete.

Use a mattock to break up large chunks

There may be a possibility that after using the sledgehammer to break up the concrete still be a large piece. A mattock is considered to be an easy way to break them into manageable chunks.

A demolition professional can offer you more tips and tricks, but these are the fundamentals. It might be beneficial to rethink concrete demolition and removal as a DIY home improvement project and rather than trust designating the process to a professional team that can get the job done right.


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